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  • Exploring The Prismas Basálticos

    “Damn it,  coaches… that either means tonnes of tourists or tonnes of school kids!” It was the latter. That was my first thought as I reached the entrance of the Prismas Basálticos of Santa Maria Regla. But fear not, one Ojo Rojo later (a Mexican drink that I am totally addicted to), the kids were quieting; had […]

  • My Mountain Road Trip Disaster

    Road Trip Disaster Feature Image

    Picture this; freezing cold, pitch black, no food or money, alone in the middle of nowhere. Sound like your ideal trip to the mountains? No, me either! However, these were some of the things I faced on my latest road trip through the mountain towns of Hidalgo, Mexico. The more travelling you do the more […]

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  • My First Hot Air Balloon Ride

    First Hot Air Balloon Ride

    For my 24th birthday I had the opportunity to do something completely magical… I went up into the clouds in a hot air balloon! Although, our original plan was to fly on the morning of my birthday, a huge storm and strong winds meant it had to be postponed to the following day. We were […]