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It’s October, so that can only mean one thing… no no, not that Pumpkin lattes are now in Starbucks (although let’s face it, who can resist one of those), it’s Oktoberfest time! The only time of year where it’s socially acceptable to drink your own weight in beer, and stuff your face full of delicious pretzels and bratwurst!

As I live in Mexico, my usual choices are; pay a ridiculous amount of money to fly over to Germany for Oktoberfest, or give up on my dreams of sipping delicious pints and sit in my home sipping on a Dos Equis. Not this year… The beautiful, multicultural hub that is Playa del Carmen decided it was bored with Germany hogging all the glory, and they put on their very own Oktoberfest.

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The wonderful people of Club De La Cerveza put on a fantastic weekend long festival sponsored by the official beer of Oktoberfest in Munich, Paulaner. They dressed up in the traditional German lederhosen, plus something that looked like hats from Harry Potter, and decorated the entire place with Oktoberfest themed paraphernalia. As soon as you walked in you could feel the infectious energy that goes along with such a merry gathering, and by 9pm the street was full of people spilling out of the packed bar.

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The Beers – Prost!

Obviously the most important thing about Oktoberfest is the beer, and the festival did not disappoint. Along with their usual magnificent array of imported beers, Club De La Cerveza had boxes upon boxes of Paulaner shipped especially for this occasion. There were three flavours on offer: Weißbier, Original and (of course) Oktoberfest.

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Paulaner Weißbier

Weissbier is German for wheat beer, a soft, silky, almost fruity tasting bier. This was one of my favourites of the night. Paulaner says you should detect hints of banana, mango and pineapple, which I absolutely agree with. This beer was very fruity and refreshing, a great choice to wash down those bratwurst with.

Paulaner Original Munich

This beer has a much more classic flavour than the others, and was probably my least favourite. I’m very fussy about my beers, and I found this one to be a little bit too hoppy for me. However, everyone else at the table ordered around three of these each, so it can’t be all bad. The Original Munich has a rather clear and mild flavour, supposedly made to accompany spicy dishes.

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Paulaner Oktoberfest

“The best-selling Oktoberfest beer in Germany”. I felt so lucky to be able to try this beer here in Mexico, as it is only brewed once a year and once the stock is gone, it’s gone. This was probably the richest of all the Paulaner beers I tried. It had a full-bodied and yet mellow flavour, with the slightest background of hops. If you  have the chance to go to Oktoberfest in Germany this year, then you will find this is actually the only beer served in the Paulaner tents


Although not a Paulaner bier, this was Club De La Cerveza’s beer of the night. $60 pesos for 2, what could go wrong right? Actually, nothing. This was an exceptionally smooth and pleasantly floral beer. Out of all the beers available this was definitely the easiest to drink. Although not an official Oktoberfest bier, I believe this little guy did pretty well for himself that night

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The Food – Guten appetit!

The second most important part of Oktoberfest and, not that it will come as much surprise to you all, my favourite part, the food. I had two Germans sat at my table, and both of them devoured at least three plates of the Oktoberfest delights on offer, that has got to say something right? It was all delicious! The bratwurst was flavourful and juicy, the pretzels were salted to perfection, the sauerkraut was… well, sauerkraut and the potato salad was creamy perfection!

Of all the non-German Oktoberfests I’ve been to, the food at this one way definitely the best. Yum!

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All in all, I give Playa del Carmen a big thumbs up for its Mexican style Oktoberfest. I really hope this stays a yearly event, and that with more attention it can beome even bigger and better.

Have you been to an Oktoberfest in Mexico? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Stay Salty x

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  1. Irma says: Reply

    I have been a couple of times celebrating Oktoberfest in Club de la cerveza, one in Zenzi and one in Mane´s Biergarten….every year more and more people comes to be part of this event…nice to try the German beers and food, they are great…last year there was a great Oktoberfest in Cancun organized by the secretary of turism and the German consul in Cancun…that was a wonderful celebration with great German feeling: live music from a band brought from Bavaria, people dressed in traditional clothes, losts of beer of course the Germand food was great!

    1. Oh wow, the Oktoberfest in Cancun sounds amazing! I’m so happy that the German council and the secretary of tourism collaborated like that. Seeing that kind of cultural blending and acceptance makes me so glad to be living in this area! I definitely got a new love of German food from this years festival haha! 🙂

  2. Not being a beer drinker this would not be for me but the food looks yummy.

    1. I’m really fussy about beer too, I’ve never been the biggest fan. But, some of these were just so refreshing and light I couldn’t resist! And yes, the food was delish 😉

  3. Adele says: Reply

    Well that’s different Fern. Take Dave and Wendy to a bar lol xx

    1. Yes, it was a night to remember. Of course! If they are into beer then this place would be perfect, even without the Oktoberfest going on.

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