Local Guide to Visiting Lembang, Indonesia

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Indonesia has been on my bucket list for so long I can’t even remember when the idea first popped into my head. That’s why when Rami approached me about creating a collaboration on this amazing place I couldn’t resist! He truly has the inside scoop on this beautiful country, specifically the lesser-known town of Lembang.

If you are looking for a place that’s full of culinary delights, amazingly rich culture, breathtaking surroundings and great shopping, then consider a trip to Lembang, Indonesia. This picturesque town is the perfect place for you to escape to, and enjoy some incredible times with your family and friends. Surrounded by volcanoes, and nestled between mountains, you will simply fall in love with Lembang and it’s cool weather. Lembang is slowly becoming a favourite tourist destination, known for its food, fashion and nature.

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Where to stay?

If you get the chance to visit Lembang, I would recommend spending at least a couple of nights there to get a real feel of the town. Luckily, there’s a whole host of cheap or luxury hotel deals to suit every person. I would personally recommend the Lembang Asri Resort, as it’s immensely popular with both locals and tourists alike. The Resort is very conveniently placed and is close to the central city hub, delicious restaurants and the markets. As a bonus, the Lembang Asri Resort is also great bang for your buck. When visiting during the high season be sure to book ahead to secure your accommodation as hotels can fill up fast.

lembang asri resort

What to do?

Lembang is adored by its visitors, not for the lush jungle-like surroundings, but for its shopping venues. There are tons of factory outlets that sell locally designed products and stylish clothes, all at very reasonable prices. Once you are done with shopping, rent a car and make a trip to Kawah Putih in the south. There you will discover a striking turquoise blue lake hidden inside in a gigantic crater. Next, stop at Situ Patenggang, another scenic lake that is a total must see. You can rent a paddle boat at Situ Patenggag and spend a relaxing afternoon floating on the lake.

lembang lake
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Another must see in Lembang is their famous tea plantations, there are many to choose from and all serve delicious fresh tea daily. Tangkuban Perahu, an active volcano that lies two hours north of Bandung, is also a great place to visit and get some unbelievable photos. While in Lembang don’t forget to visit Sari Ater, known for its amazing hot springs and breathtaking natural landscapes. Finally, for those history buffs, you can spend an afternoon exploring Museum Geologi Bandung, to learn all about the history of the indigenous Indonesian people.

Where to eat?

After all that touring, shopping and sightseeing, you are sure to build up quite an appetite. Lembang is sheer heaven for all you foodies as there are endless delicious options to sample and experiment with. You can opt for fine dining or enjoy the famous Indonesian street food which is simply divine. The restaurants in Lembang are always coming up with fresh new ideas for their menus, and churning out new exciting new creations.

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Lawangwangi Creative Space, Hummingbird, and Tahu Lembang are counted among the newer and trendier restaurants. You are sure to get some great Tofu dishes there! Tahu Susu Lembang is different from any other tofu, as the Tofu made here is mixed with milk. Go to Sate Kardjan if you are looking for something traditional and authentic (they also offer the the best lamb satay in the area). After your tasty meals, if you’re in the mood for something sweet, check out Mangokok Manis on Jeans Street, their ice-cream is to die for.

Have you been to Lembang? Let me know what you though of this lovely town in the comments below!

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    1. Oh really?! I’ve always wanted to go, especially to Bali! I’m glad I’ve introduced you to a new place 🙂

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