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Welcome to my brand new series, made to coax out the wanderlust monster inside you, Instagram Travelspiration! Because I’m planning my trip to Europe with my other half, and feeling oh so starry eyed and romantic, I decided to make my first episode all about travelling couples. Seriously, these guys will make even the most loved up twosome feel jealous! We’re talking about the most adventurous, globe trotting partnerships out there.

If you and your loved one are looking for a bit of inspiration for your next trip, or if like the rest of us you’re just obsessed with searching through the hear trenching images of the #RelationshipGoals hashtag, then these Instagram travel couples are a must follow for you.

1. Lisanne and Jeffrey from @ChapterTravel 

These two little Dutch cuties picked up their life, packed it into a 4X4 and headed off on the road trip of a lifetime. They have been travelling through the outback of Australia for the last 10 months, whilst taking photos that would make even the most well travelled of us jealous. The nomadic couple is now jetting off on their next adventure in Asia, starting with a two week trek up to Mount Everest Base Camp. Their cute couples photos and breathtaking landscape snaps will have you searching for your next flight in no time.


2. Charlotte and Jesson from @Charlotte_Durgeat

This extremely saucy couple is travelling the world together, hitting up some of the most stunning beaches you have ever seen. Their loved up, raunchy photos will have you pining for your other half, while the clear turquoise waters featured in most of their snaps will leave you longing for your own island paradise. With over 37 thousand followers and travel brochure worthy photos, you can really see why this Instagram travel couple is on my must follow list.


3. Chanel and Stevo from @HowFarFromHome

This inspirational travel couple quit their advertising jobs in South Africa, and set off to travel the world. Unlike some other travel Instagrammers, this couple is exploring the world on an extremely tight budget. Stevo and Chanel make the most of every country they visit whilst keeping their expenses low, something I’m sure most of us can relate to. They put a unique spin on the usual traveller’s Instagram by featuring a chalk board showing the exact number of kilometers between them and their home, hence the name ‘How Far From Home’.


4. Murad and Nataly from @Muradosmann

No Instagram couples list is complete without mentioning Muradosmann. This iconic couple has taken the Instagram world by storm with their ‘Follow Me Too’ pose. In each of their photos you can see Nataly leading her husband by the hand to every corner of the world. The Russian couple has inspired many other Instagrammers to try and copy their famous pose, and have been featured in countless travel and lifestyle magazines because of it. However, this unusual travel couple’s Instagram isn’t just a hyped up gimmick. With Murad’s incredible photography skills, Nataly’s impeccable taste in fashion, and their never-ending wanderlust, this couple is an absolute must follow.


5. Stéphanie and Peter from @TouristExclusive

This rather exclusive couple is the epitome of “I want that life”. In 2016 Stephanie and Peter left their life in Belgium to travel the world in search of the most luxurious and exclusive places. You will often see them in beautiful restaurants, eating the most intricately prepared dishes, or snuggling up in a luxury hotel room somewhere in Europe. This glamorous couple doesn’t believe that everything luxury in life needs to come with the high price tag. But their exclusive and lavish looking Instagram travel lifestyle will have you totally fooled.


6. Captain and Charlie from @CaptainAndCharlie

This crazy nautical couple decided to pack up their life, quit their jobs and sail around the world. Prior to their epic adventure, Captain and Charlie had never lived on a boat before and had almost zero sailing experience. This adrenaline hungry couple has already sailed through Spain, Italy, the Balearic Islands, France, the Mediterranean, Elba, Sardinia and Corsica, taking countless inspirational photos along the way. Starting from scratch, Captain and Charlie now have over 27,000 followers joining them on their salty sea voyage. If you dream of selling everything and disappearing into the blue (I know I do!), then give this amazing travel couple a follow.


7.  David and Kendrick from @BrinsonBanks

BrinsonBanks is the brainchild of two LA based photographers who wanted a new and unique way to document their travels together. Whenever these two love birds visit a new country or city, they take a photo of themselves kissing in the exact same pose and post it to Instagram. The exotic backdrops and iconic romantic pose have inspired many others to try and imitate their signature kiss. People post their attempts to Instagram using the hashtag #brinsonbanksing. The quality of the photos by this innovative couple is outstanding, and their love of all things travel is apparent through their whimsical Instagram account.


8. Dave and Deb from @ThePlanetD

This all star Instagram couple has had more attention from the media than any other. They have appeared on countless ‘Top Instagram’ lists, and have been featured in articles on sites such as Forbes, USA Today and Yahoo! Travel. Dave’s photos are leagues above the usual Instagram snaps you see in your feed. He uses the skills he learnt whilst working with Marvel Films to take some of the most breathtaking travel photography you have ever seen. The couple are self professed thrillseekers, hunting for their next adrenaline rush wherever they go. From canoeing on the lakes of Nova Scotia, to riding camels through the Jordan desert, this couple has done it all.


Who are your favourite Instagram travel couples? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Salty x

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