Exploring The Great Mesoamerican Barrier Reef

I have been to the lovely little town of Puerto Morelos many times, and each visit I’ve gazed longingly at the tour boats taking exited snorkelers out into the crystal clear waters. Well this trip I said “No more!”, hopped on one of the boats, and sailed out into the Caribbean ocean, to see for myself all that the Great Mesoamerican Reef had to offer.

There are a lot of different tour companies, and private boats, willing and able to take you on a tour of the reef. The private boats are always cheaper, and you can have an hour-long swim through the reef for around $200 MXP per person, where some of the larger tour companies will charge up to $800. However, most of the private companies are not legally allowed to take out tour groups to the protected zone, so you will either end up in a different, much less beautiful area of the reef, or you could be in a lot of trouble if caught. Make sure to ask questions before lifting anchor, and that whoever you choose to sail with provides you with the official Marine Reserve Admission bracelet (priced at $31.01, which is usually included in the fee).

We chose to snorkel with a small tour company that operates from the same palapa as the Eduardo’s Restaurant (a great place to refuel after your long swim), located a little ways along the beach, left of the town centre. After a little joking and bartering we managed to get the fair price of $250 per person for a one hour guided tour of the reef, and full equipment rental.

So now we know all the basics, it’s time for the good stufff… Strap on your snorkel mask and let’s dive in!

Have you ever snorkelled along a coral reef? Let me know what you though in the comments below!

Stay Salty x

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  1. Loved your video and your narrative. I think some experiences you have to see with your own eyes. I still can’t believe you had the entire boat to yourself.

    1. Ah thank you Danielle! This is definitely something I can recommend doing yourself! Snorkelling is a great, and safe way, to explore the underwater world! 😀

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