The First EVER Luxury Glamping in Mexico

Picture this: a lush Mayan Forest, the tranquil sounds of tropical birds singing, the slow swish of the turquoise pool as people plunge into the cool water, and the amazing aroma of instance infused with Thai spices. If some of you are imagining a Tropical Spa then you’re not too far off! This is exactly what you’re greeted with when you walk into the tranquil world of Serenity Camp in Xpu-ha.

When I was younger you could just throw me in a tent, give me a warmed can of beans on toast and a sleeping bag and I was good to go. Nowadays, however, I’m a little bit more partial to some creature comforts (and a glass of wine or two never goes amiss). That’s why when Xperience Hotels invited me to try out their fabulously luxury new camp I was definitely in!

The Camp

This is actually the first ever hotel with a glamping concept in the whole of Mexico! That’s right… the entire country and they have definitely set the bar high.

The entire camp is designed around an African-Asian theme, and walking through the jungle trails of Serenity I was definitely getting South Africa flashbacks. What makes it even more unique is that Serenity Camp is nestled in the thick Mayan jungle of Xpu-ha, one of the only stretches of virtually untouched beach in the Riviera Maya.

Serenity Camp

At the very heart of the camp is the pool area, a space of complete and utter relaxation. A gigantic golden Buddha face rests above the pool, smiling at all who enter the camp. I mean come on, who wouldn’t be in a good mood with that cute, not-so-little guy staring down at you?

Speaking of the pool, this spacious, turquoise, glistening mass of water is the best thing to see after a day in the searing hot Mexican sun. I spent every spare second I had at the camp lazing around in there.

For those of you wishing to do a little more than laze, Serenity Camp also has a ‘Yoga Tent’ where you can join in the specially prepared classes or do your own daily workout.

Next door to the ‘Yoga Tent’ also a fantastic luxury Serenity Spa. You can book romantic couples massages, rejuvenating massages, facials, or dive into the local culture and have a traditional Mayan or Aztec treatment.

One of my favourite things about Serenity Camp is that it’s 100%, Eco. They filter all of their water so it’s safe for the surrounding soil and plants, they have used recycled materials to build almost all of the hotel, and they even give you free natural toiletries to use in the shower to keep the water nature-friendly. Now, I’m not talking cheap, “I’d rather use my own” toiletries, this soap, body wash, shampoo and conditioner were so good that I even asked who their supplier was so I could buy some for my own home!

The Cabins

There are 30 of these state of the art, super Instagram-worthy tented cabins at Serenity Camp. All come with “you’ll never want to get out of me” king size beds, brand new air-conditioning units, closet, desk, personal bathroom and, to top it all off, a private terrace with its own swinging hammock. 5 of the cabins are Bliss Rooms, made for the more romantic travellers, and these also feature an outdoor Jacuzzi tub on the terrace.

The cabins are seriously so beautiful, so private and so luxurious that I had a hard time pulling myself away to go and explore the rest of the camp. But don’t worry… they have room service!

The Beach Club

One of the best parts of the Serenity Camp is its stunning Indonesian themed beach club. Just a few minutes walk down the cute little jungle path and you will feel the fresh sea breeze and see the glistening turquoise Caribbean sea.

As guests of the camp, you have exclusive access to the plush beach beds at the very front of the beach club, so there’s absolutely nothing spoiling your panoramic view of the ocean. The beach club also provides you with fresh towels, bathrooms and of course, wifi.

There is a small tiki hut style bar where they prepare fresh cocktails and keep that all-important cold beer. The menu at the Serenity Beach Club reflects the pure Eco-luxury of the Serenity Camp. You can choose from a whole range of dishes, including refreshing Aguachile, deliciously traditional tacos, grass-fed beef burger and my favourite, the chicken and avocado burrito… a must try.

If you’re not staying at the hotel, the cover of the beach beds is $500 pesos consumption, but you can easily make that up with all the delicious food and drinks on offer.

The Food

Oh, the food… You all know how much I love food, but the dishes at Serenity Camp hold a special place in my heart! Almost every dish has a hint of Thai flavour of technique, and the end result is an absolute masterpiece.

Breakfast can be served in the tented restaurant or on your own private terrace. They have some continental and more traditional Mexican breakfast items to choose from, and all come with a complimentary glass of orange juice, coffee and toast with fresh fruit marmalade.

Dinner is served in the bar lounge area of the camp and the menu is extremely impressive. I wholeheartedly recommend their pear and raspberry salad, cashew and pineapple chicken (yes, this amazing concoction actually exists), Thai coconut soup, and to top it all off, their chocolate volcano dessert.

Once you’ve finished your romantic dinner Serenity Camp really kick it up a notch… When you first walk into your cabin, you’ll notice a little bad of marshmallows on your bed, this is where those come into play. At around 8pm, the wonderful staff put out cosy cushions and light up the giant fire pit… do you see where this is going? Toasting marshmallows! What could be a more fun and romantic way to end a perfect day of glamping then a session of toasting marshmallows?

Each couple or group is given their own mini table around the fire pit, so you can enjoy a glass of wine and your dessert while you watch the females dance into the night.


Have you visited the Serenity Camp before? Let me know what you thought of your stay in the comments below!

Stay Salty x



Disclaimer: This is a collaboration piece with Xperience Hotels and Serenity Eco Luxury Tented Camp. 

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  1. Adele York says: Reply

    This looks fab. Too far for us to visit? Xx

    1. Actually, it’s only around 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen. We could definitely pay a visit if you like? 🙂

  2. Carole says: Reply

    It sounds a perfect for a honeymoon. ……

    1. It absolutely would be! It’s an extremely romantic place

  3. Nice post Fern Coll you looks really pretty in these pictures 🙂 and this post is too amazing !

    1. Ah thank you! This place truly does have a little bit of magic 🙂 I’m glad you liked the post and pictures!

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