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  • Tulum’s Best Kept Secret: La Eufemia

    La Eufemia Feature

    Unspoilt beaches, deliciously fresh cocktails, tacos voted the best in Tulum, and all because of a dog?! La Eufemia is a stunning little beach club and taqueria, owned and run by a lovely old mutt called, you guessed it, Eufemia! There isn’t one day when this hard-working dog doesn’t arrive before the rest of her […]

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  • Exploring The Prismas Basálticos

    “Damn it,  coaches… that either means tonnes of tourists or tonnes of school kids!” It was the latter. That was my first thought as I reached the entrance of the Prismas Basálticos of Santa Maria Regla. But fear not, one Ojo Rojo later (a Mexican drink that I am totally addicted to), the kids were quieting; had […]

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  • An Extreme Birthday Vlog

    An Extreme Birthday Feature

    As most people know, and if you read my blog I’m sure you also guessed, I’m not what you would call a ‘girly girl’. I’m not interested in most of the conventional, socially acceptable things women like. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate a good pamper every now and again, but on a whole I’d […]