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  • Ultimate Guide to Puerto Aventuras in a Day

    Feature Puerto Aventuras

    Puerto Aventuras is one of my favourite places here in the Riviera Maya. I visit this beautiful little marine town so often that I’ve even contemplated moving there, I know right! But with its stunning residential areas, laid back island feel, amazing food and even more amazing wildlife (cough cough dolphins… cough), it’s one of the […]

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  • Day Trip to: Akumal, Mexico

    Day Trip to Akumal Feature

    In the first edition of the brand new ‘Day Trip to’ series I’m taking you to Akumal, a beautiful little town situated in the middle of Playa del Carmen and Tulum! Akumal is best know for it’s white sand beaches, turtle conservation program and it’s rich marine life, making it a favourite with both sun seekers and avid […]